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New Post-doc


Welcome to the lab Sam Parsons!

Read more about Sam:

"I am interested in examining the measurement properties of longitudinal brain imaging data. I am using and extending intra-class effect decomposition (ICED) models to assess multiple sources of error. Leveraging this information should inform our understanding of which indices are reliable, where in the brain, and how to incorporate these sources of error into our models and understanding. I am committed to supporting other researchers in their own explorations of reliability by disseminating tutorials of these methodologies. I’m also invested in open scholarship and co-founded both the ReproducibiliTea Journal Club initiative and a Framework for Open and Reproducible Research Training (FORRT)."


New PhD student

Welcome to the lab Léa Michel!

Read more about Léa:

"I am interested in the impact of genetics and the environment on children’s development. In particular, during this PhD, I will study how brain maturation (looking at white matter microstructure and grey matter morphology) underlies the development of cognitive ability in childhood. Before this PhD, I completed my master’s degree in cognitive science in Paris with a major in neuroscience. I also had the opportunity to do a gap year during my master training, visiting several labs abroad to train in neuroimaging analyses. In my spare time, I am the vice president of the French association Fédération Fresco and I am especially engaged in our project to create seven cognitive science forums in France in order to popularize cognitive science."


Visiting PhD student

Welcome to the lab Nicholas Judd!

A brief introduction by Nicholas:

"My Ph.D. is on the development of cognition with Torkel Klingberg in Karolinska Institute. My first project used observational data to see how genetics and socioeconomic status (SES) influence the development of working memory and the cortex. The next project in my thesis was an RCT in 17,000 children looking at how different cognitive domains affect math learning. Currently, I am finishing up on a hybrid regression discontinuity study examining if schooling interacts with preexisting genetic or SES measures of inequality to cause differences in intelligence. I am very excited to join Rogier’s lab on a study visit in September for the fourth project in my thesis where we will be looking to see if we can unravel the independent influences of global and local morphometry. Our lab has also started a collaboration to fit DSEM to training data and hopefully, I will also learn some of these methods."

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